airport model1

2014 - 2015

Year 5 

Individual Work

Tutor: ZHAN Yuan (LYCS Architecture)

CAA Graduate Design Gold Prize

Wallpaper* Graduate Directory 2016 - Architecture


Beijing Capital International Airport T3 Renovation

Based on a study of one type of structure  - Folded Plates, the design consists of two projects exploring the application of folded plates in transportation architecture. A report showing that thousands of people, on a daily basis, lost in the Beijing International airport T3 arises the question on the regular homogeneous sheds for mega terminal buildings. With the unique quality of orientation and flexibility in folded plates, the project aims at challenging whether the structure itself could be a huge ‘map’ for passengers.


Structure Study - Folded Plates


Project 1 - Flinders Street Station, Melbourne


Project 2 - Beijing Capital International Airport T3 Renovation